Integrating Ra into an existing project

First, install the django-ra-erp package from PyPI:

$ pip install django-ra-erp

and/or add the package to your existing requirements file.


  • In your settings file, add the following apps to INSTALLED_APPS:
    # ...

    'django.contrib.admin', # comes at the end because the theme is replaced

  • Add the following entries to MIDDLEWARE:
    # ...
  • Add the following entries to TEMPLATES context_processors
    'context_processors' = [
  • Add a STATIC_ROOT setting, if your project does not have one already:
STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'static')
  • Add MEDIA_ROOT and MEDIA_URL settings, if your project does not have these already:
MEDIA_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'media')
MEDIA_URL = '/media/'
  • Ra uses django-crispy-forms bootstrap 4 for the reporting forms. So we need to add this:
  • Add default Jazzmin theme Settings
    'navigation_expanded': False,
    "changeform_format": "single",

    "navbar": "navbar-primary navbar-dark",
    "no_navbar_border": True,
    "body_small_text": False,
    "navbar_small_text": False,
    "sidebar_nav_small_text": False,
    "accent": "accent-primary",
    "sidebar": "sidebar-dark-primary",
    "brand_colour": "navbar-primary",
    "brand_small_text": False,
    "sidebar_disable_expand": False,
    "sidebar_nav_child_indent": True,
    "sidebar_nav_compact_style": False,
    "sidebar_nav_legacy_style": False,
    "sidebar_nav_flat_style": False,
    "footer_small_text": False
  • Finally, you can add a RA_SITE_TITLE - which will be displayed on the main dashboard of the Ra dashboard:
RA_SITE_TITLE = 'My Example Site'

Various other settings are available to configure Ra’s behaviour - see Settings.

URLS configuration

We need to hook the dashboard / Ra admin site in, like so:

from django.urls import path
from ra.admin.admin import ra_admin_site

urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    path('your-url-here', ra_admin_site.urls),
    # ...

With this configuration in place, you are ready to run ./ migrate to create the database tables used by Ra.

User accounts

Superuser accounts receive automatic access to the Ra Dashboard interface; use ./ createsuperuser if you don’t already have one.

Start developing

You’re now ready to add a new app to your Django project via ./ startapp.

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